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our story



raised in a prime pasture amongst the serene foothills of black butte.
our heard consists of angus and angus crossbred cattle for superior flavor.
we provide natural feeds, clean water &
fresh air.


Berton Bertagna and Robert Vanella grew up together raising cattle and other livestock through Future Farmers of America and 4-H. After graduating high school, they continued their partnership, jointly operating almond orchards, as well as continuing to raise beef cattle and other animals as a hobby. It was only natural for the two to go into the livestock business. One night, on vacation together with their families in the Baja Peninsula Berton and Robert came up with the idea for Baja Vaca.  In 2011, Berton and Robert launched Baja Vaca Ranch.


Leaving a minimal footprint is a top priority. All of the cattle—there are 40-50 head as well as 15-30 lambs at any one time—are born of their existing local stock, or bought from a neighboring almond farm that also raises cattle. The cattle are born and raised locally and transported 20 miles to the Chico State meats lab where they are processed.


Baja Vaca delivers primarily to local families, and has recently begun branching out to select regional locations. Custom orders make up the bulk of the sales, though there are select cuts available at Bertagna’s wineries as well as Vanella’s farm store in Durham.


how we create the perfect steak

We specialize in All Natural Beef.  Baja Vaca Beef is 100% NATURAL, which means that we use NO growth hormones, NO steroids, NO feed hormones, and NO animal by-products in the feed.  Keeping things local, free-range and healthy, and leaving a minimal footprint are top priorities at Baja Vaca. The cattle live in a serene pasture near Black Butte Lake. "One of the other reasons we wanted to do this is because we grow our own hay, and everything that these animals eat. It's either on our own land, or hay that we produce." - Berton Bertagna

meat cut information

Nothing compares to our flavorful and tender selections of meat. Each steak is hand-selected and hand-carved to ensure you get the best cut possible. You will see delicate marbling in each of our steaks. Our meat has intensified naturally delicious flavor.

Since we wanted to keep it local, we are fortunate enough that Chico State Meats Lab is cutting our beef in their USDA meat facility. Berton and Robert will happily work with you to meet your individual needs. When you purchase a whole, half or quarter,  you will be able to customize the cut that you prefer.  


try our beef!

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Office: (530) 343-6893 Cell: (530) 624-5220

3363 Hegan Lane, Chico, CA 95928

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