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Keeping things local, free-range and healthy was a top priority for Berton Bertagna and Robert Vanella. "We are longtime friends who believe that our families should only be eating the highest quality foods. To do that, we knew we needed to raise our own meat. We are able to grow our own feeds to ensure that we know exactly what each animal on the ranch is consuming." 


The cattle roam in serene pastures near Black Butte Lake. Berton and Robert grow their own hay and everything that these animals eat. Baja Vaca makes use of all local feed sources that are grown by us. These include home-grown hay and almond hulls. Turning a would be by-product into a valuable food source. Almond hulls are very high in nutrition, give superior flavoring and the cattle love them. The grass-fed and free range cattle have excellent marbling and flavor.

For more information on Baja Vaca Ranch please call

(530) 624-5220 or (530) 343-6893

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